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MACOMB –Assistant House Minority Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) issued the following statement after the Governor’s Budget Address on Wednesday:

“The Governor extended an opportunity for legislators from both chambers and from both parties to work together.  He presented a framework for those negotiations and acknowledged we must expand our revenue base.  The Governor showed an eagerness to be part of the solution, but he can’t do it alone.  No one party or one chamber can do it on their own.  It must be a collaboration," said Hammond.

“The Senate proved they can do heavy lifting on a proposed budget, and now we’ll need action in the House to work together.  However we must grow our tax base,” Hammond continued, “this is a really important point, because if
MACOMB –On the heels of being re-appointed an Assistant House Minority Leader two weeks ago, State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) announced that she has been appointed as Minority Spokesperson of both the Higher Education and Consumer Protection Committees.

In addition to serving as Minority Spokesperson of the Higher Education Committee, Hammond will also serve on the Higher Education Appropriations Committee, giving her greater influence over statewide policy on both higher education policy and funding issues.

Rep. Hammond stands as one of the strongest voices in the Illinois House for Higher Education issues facing downstate universities and colleges. “Western Illinois University, Spoon River
MACOMB – Assistant House Republican Leader Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) issued the following statement following the Governor’s State of the State Address:

“Two important aspects of the Governor’s speech stood out to me.  The first is that nothing has changed with the geography of our state and its natural assets and resources.  This is still a great State.  We’ve been successful and competitive in the past and have every opportunity to be so again.  Second, is the Governor’s statement that we ‘must respect our taxpayers’.  This is critical in all we do,” said Rep. Hammond from Springfield on Wednesday.

Hammond encouraged residents of the 93rd district to contact her with questions or concerns on this or any other state issue. Hammond’s Macomb district office can be contacted at (309) 836-2707. Constituents can also visit her legislative website at to sign up for her electronic newsletter.

Hammond represents all or part of Brown, Cass, and Fulton, Knox, Mason, McDonough, Schuyler and Warren counties.

MACOMB – Assistant House Republican Leader Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) criticized House Rules passed the Speaker Madigan’s Majority Party as ‘stilted’ and ‘contrary to how we teach school-children the legislative process is supposed to work.”

“The average person in Illinois thinks of a ‘schoolhouse rocks’ explanation of how a bill becomes a law.  However, what many Illinoisans don’t realize is that bills are not debated or considered just because they’re proposed.  In reality, Speaker Madigan and his top lieutenants have complete control over which bills are even debated.  Having served on boards with legislators from across the US, they are befuddled by the complete control the Speaker has in the Illinois House Rules.  It’s simply undemocratic,” said Hammond on Tuesday from Springfield.

Hammond continued, “the public deserves the opportunity to know what their legislators are voting on.  Legislators deserve the opportunity to read what they are to vote on.  We all deserve better than what we are getting with these stilted House Rules designed to allow Speaker Madigan to tighten his grip on power in Illinois, all the while our state continues a downward spiral.”
From the left, Chuck Gilbert, Deckle McLean, Nick Pano, Jackie Thompson, Rep. Hammond, and Patti Jones.

Macomb...On Thursday of this week, State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) met with the Executive Board of the WIU Chapter of the State University Annuitants Association, a statewide organization that represents current and former employees of Illinois colleges and universities.

Patti Jones, president of WIU/SUAA, wanted to discuss with Rep. Hammond topics of concern for retirees, like the Illinois budget impasse, funding of MAP grants and pensions, as well as legislative priorities of the Legislature and how these will impact our district.

Both Hammond and the board members felt that the meeting was productive.