MACOMB – Following up on legislation filed earlier this week to fund Higher Education with available funds, today State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) spoke out on the House floor about attempts made at a compromise to fund Higher Education. 

“Unfortunately, today some of my colleagues in Springfield passed a very disingenuous bill [SB 2043] that purports to fund Higher Education in Illinois. The problem is the bill only funds MAP and community colleges and not the State’s public universities -that’s beyond wrong,” Hammond said from Springfield on Thursday.

“To promise MAP funding to students in need and not be able to follow through on that promise due to the lack of available funds is unconscionable” Hammond continued. “Currently, the State has a backlog of bills at $7 billion and a deficit of $4.5 billion. Courts have decreed much of what the State is obligated to pay. If we were to add the costs of this bill it would go to the back of the line behind those court ordered payments.”

SPRINGFIELD –Assistant Minority Leader Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) challenged leaders controlling the Illinois House to heed the Governor’s and employers’ calls to attract jobs back to Illinois.

“For years, I have been pushing for reforms to our workers compensation system to attract jobs back to Illinois, local and state government procurement reform to save taxpayer dollars and criminal justice reform to reduce our overstressed prison population. I am pleased to hear Governor Rauner highlight some of these areas that we can address to attract jobs back to our state and operate our government more efficiently,” said Rep. Hammond from Springfield on Wednesday.

“I also look forward to working with colleagues to free up resources for Higher Education by extending the Governor the same tools extended to him by the legislature for the FY15 budget fix passed in a bipartisan manner last year.  Many of our state colleges and universities are telling us they are close to closing their doors, so restoring resources while also analyzing cost-savings like procurement reform could help from both ends of the problem,” Hammond continued.

Hammond encouraged residents of the 93rd district to contact her with questions or concerns on this or any other state issue. Hammond’s Macomb district office can be contacted at (309) 836-2707 and she can be reached via e-mail at Constituents can also visit her legislative website at to sign up for her electronic newsletter.

Hammond represents all or part of Brown, Cass, Fulton, Knox, Mason, McDonough, Schuyler and Warren counties.
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MACOMB –  State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) announced today that she will be co-sponsoring legislation aimed at creating a path towards funding Higher Education in light of the budget statement in Springfield. The proposal Hammond is supporting would fund Higher Education, albeit with reasonable cost savings to taxpayers, and is contingent on providing the Governor the tools to secure revenues and support existing spending.

The Higher Education Appropriations bill supported by Hammond is based on an 80% of FY15 funding level for University operations funding, 90% Community Colleges funding, and FY15 level Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) funding.  The total spending package constitutes approximately $1.68 billion, funds that would come from general revenue funds. The Hammond-backed spending plan is drafted to be contingent on the passage of the Unbalanced Budget Response Act (House Bill 4521) – legislation that would afford the Governor similar latitude to that he was seeking in the FY15 budget fix, allowing a wide ability to manage funds to adequately fund programs including higher education.

MACOMB –After recent news reports indicating that more Illinoisans are failing to renew their driver's license stickers on time, State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) is reminding motorists that they can sign up for online notifications from the Illinois Secretary of State's office as a replacement for the previously mailed reminders.

Hammond is encouraging motorists to visit to request their sticker renewal notice be emailed to them. 

"Please know that in order to sign up drivers will need their current registration card, which has their registration ID number and PIN number. A valid email address is also required," Hammond said.