MACOMB –Assistant House Minority Leader Norine K. Hammond (R-Macomb) provided the following statement as an update to the Special Session in Springfield:

“On June 15, the Governor issued a proclamation calling the General Assembly back to Springfield on June 21 for the purpose of considering legislation that addresses a comprehensive state budget as well as economic and structural reforms. Today, as the House and Senate go into Special Session, I want to renew my pledge to the citizens of the 93rd District: I remain ready and willing to debate, negotiate, compromise on, and pass a comprehensive, balanced budget.

This budget must include adequate funding for our state universities, MAP grant recipients, human services, among so many other state agencies and programs. Negotiating and compromising on a comprehensive budget is not a simple task. This task, however, is attainable. In fact, it is not only attainable, it must be accomplished before the end of this fiscal year.

I know, as so many individuals and businesses that I’ve spoken with have told me, that you are all counting on Springfield to do what is right by the state and pass a comprehensive state budget. Again, I am ready and willing, as I have been for the entirety of this impasse, to work with all of my colleagues in the House, negotiate, and compromise in order to accomplish this task.”